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Treee Skateboarding is bringing for the second time ever a Freeride in Mexico.

Malinalco Freeride is an event made by skater for skater, with 17 corners, 6 hairpins a top speed of 55 MPH and beautiful pavement, Malinlco Freeride has everything you need to have real fun during 3 days in Sunny Mexico.

Malinalco it's located at 1.5 h from Mexico City.

Full Track Video:

Oct 21st- Friday
10:00-17:00 7 hours of non stop Freeride you decided when you want to stop but the lifts will keep going for 7 hours.
Oct 22nd - Saturday
10:00-17:00 We again will have 7 hours of freeriding this beautiful hill.
17:00 19:00 Slide Jam

Oct 23th - Sunday
10:00 14:00 Freeride
14:00-15:00 Lunch
15:00 18:00 King Of The Hill (Open Class race)

Map of Malinalco:


Basic Package
-Freeride $65 USD

Skate and Camp Package
Freeride plus campsite with showers, BBQ area and clean WC ($80 USD)

Full Package:
-Freeeride + Camping + 3 Meals +Oficcial T- shirt = $95

Extra T shirts=  $10 USD

For extra information send email to: